A small problem like a blocked gutter can quickly turn
into a big costly problem.

Not only do leaves and debris build up and prevent water flowing to the
down pipes, this trapped water can spill backwards underneath the roof
which can cause wood to rot. If this gets a chance to take hold you could
be calling us in to repair your roof – a much bigger job than maintaining
your gutters! Prevention is the best cure.

In some cases where gutters have been incorrectly fitted, water may
not flow towards the downpipes, in this case we can normally adjust
the guttering to the correct drop or if need be replace you guttering.
We will assess your gutters for free if you are a regular window
cleaning customer or £12.00 for one off call out.
(This will only be charged if the gutters do not need clearing).

With prices starting from £20.00, it’s a small price to pay for
peace of mind, knowing you have prevented a much more
costly venture.

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